Ask The Boss - Part 6


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We like to watch the rodeo, obviously the cowboys/cowgirls love to participate in the rodeo - how do you answer animal rights types who say the animals hate it?


"Negative reinforcement discourages participation, in man and beast.  I truly believe if rodeo stock "hated" their activity in rodeo, their performance would reflect that and certainly wouldn't do it for years.  We can't make them buck.  If you've been to Cowtown, surely you have seen first hand the chute gate open and the bronc just standing there -- not moving.  It happens and we have to start the ride over.  As for the misconception that the flank strap makes them buck, you can read my thoughts here on a fan submitted question asking about that."

2013 Bull Riding at Cowtown



Do you do a Meet and Greet with fans before the rodeo so the young and old can talk up close and personal to real live cowboys?


"We don't do this often enough.  During our 2014 season, we had monthly Contestant Autograph Night where some of our cowboys and cowgirls were inside the front gate to meet the fans.  It can be tough getting the contestants together before the rodeo because they are getting themselves ready to compete.  We also don't know from week to week exactly who will be entered so it is hard to line them up in advance.  We are certainly working on this for 2016 season and hope to be able to offer this to our fans."

Autograph Night 2014 - photo by Lisa Soltner



Are the reserved premium seats sold out?  Can you purchase for one night, or must you buy the entire season?


"The line of box seats across the top of the arena is purchased by the entire season.  The wait list for these seats dates back to the 80's.  It is not common for a box to become available as it is usually passed on to the next generation in families or kept within a company for years.  I go off the wait list so if you would like to be added, just send us an email.  They are sold out for 2016 as I believe everyone is returning again this year.  We have considered building more boxes, but due the space constraints we face and zoning issues, we probably won't be doing that anytime soon.


As for the Harris Family Box Seat, located up closest to the bucking chutes and out gate, that is rented weekly.  We take names and in April we begin assigning reservations.  If you would like to be added to that list, please email us.  We usually sell out very quickly but this would be your best chance for getting a box seat for a rodeo performance."

Harris Family Box Seat - weekly rentals available



When did Cowtown open?  What came first -- the rodeo or flea market?


"The operation now known as Cowtown started as a weekly livestock auction in 1926.  The flea market soon followed and the first rodeo was held in 1929 in conjunction with the Fair in Woodstown (the original home of "Cowtown")"

vintage picture of the Fair in Woodstown that started it all



I understand broncs buck because they want to.  But what makes a horse want to buck?  What makes one horse a riding horse and another a bronc?  I've heard them say they are bred to buck, but I'm curious why some do and some don't.


"I believe that most four legged animals have an instinct to jump and kick to resist predators on their back.  That trait can be more dominant in some individual animal types than others.  Selective breeding can increase the odds that off-spring will have the traits of the parents.  It's all about the bloodlines and the rodeo history and performance of an animal.  Here is a good article with some insight to the Bred to Buck philosophy.  This article happens to feature bulls."

Jace Angus - Saddle Bronc Riding