Don't be surprised when you arrive - Check your cooler first!

Outside food and drinks are permitted, however

your cooler and contents must meet our guidelines.



Allowed to bring in:

- any hand-held cloth or plastic coolers (one or more can be brought in) size 12" x 12" or smaller.

- those that can be easily stashed away between your feet or under your seat

- any food or drink you wish - even beer and alcohol (NO glass bottles!)

- **please note** nut and nut products are everywhere at Cowtown!  If you, or someone in your party, has a nut allergy please use caution and ensure you have all emergency medication on hand.  Or staff is not medically trained and we do not have Epi-Pens or any over the counter medicines to provide to you.


Not permitted to bring in:

- bench-style coolers

- any cooler that won't fit in our milk crate (approx 12" x 12")

- glass bottles

- Cowtown Security has final discretion on acceptable cooler sizes permitted in the rodeo arena gates


Typical Rule of Thumb >>

if your cooler fits inside one of our milk crates, you can bring it in.

What if my cooler is too big?

You are welcome to bring your cooler in and leave it at the front gate - at your own risk.  Your can then go back and forth from your seat to get food/drinks as needed.  Or, you can leave your cooler in your car and go out to refill.  Re-entry is permitted with a hand stamp.  Cowtown Staff is not responsible for safety or security of coolers left at the gate.


Why do you restrict cooler size?

Due to the unknown crowd size each rodeo night, we need to ensure all the walkways, ramps and bleacher seats are clear and unobstructed.  Large bench-style coolers become extra seating in the walkways and can interfere with crowd movement, especially with those who have mobility issues or small children.  Also, your cooler will need to be stashed away either under your seat, on your lap, or between your feet if the crowd gets thick and we need every available bleacher seat to accommodate our fans.


We thank you in advance for following these guidelines for the safety of everyone in attendance.  Enjoy the rodeo!