On September 24, 2016, the Brown Family Equine Zamboni will make its final drag across the Cowtown Arena.  Owners Bobby and Maxine Brown of Mickleton, NJ started dragging the Cowtown dirt in about 1984.  At that time, Bobby used a team of horses owned by Cowtown Rodeo.  When Howard (Baldy) and Irene Harris (Grant's parents) retired and moved to Oklahoma, the Cowtown dragging horses moved too.  Bobby then started using his own team of horses to drag and has been ever since.


Bobby Brown started working at Cowtown when the rodeo started.  He worked for 40+ years in the stripping chute behind the scenes and doing many other odd jobs to help Cowtown Rodeo operate each week.  He then moved to dragging in 1984.


Over the years, Bobby has used up to 10 different horses to drag his wooden sled and smooth out the dirt in our arena.  Emma and Ruthie are the current team and he has been using them for the past 10 years.  Emma's filly - Meg - made her Cowtown debut earlier this season, following Mom around and learning the ropes.


Bobby's wife and children have gotten involved with Cowtown operations as well.  Wife, Maxine, worked at the Sale Barn for many years and grew up right next door.  Son, Chris, used to own horses to drag when Bobby wasn't able to.  Daughter, Virginia, started helping her Dad about 15 years ago and has been the one driving the horses in the arena recently, with Bobby standing at the gate in case he was needed.  Son, Stew, as a teen could be seen around the rodeo, untying calves and carrying barrels in and out for barrel racing.  Daughter, Lyn, currently works part-time in the Cowtown Business Office.


Bobby and Maxine were married in 1954.  Cowtown Rodeo has been a part of their entire married life.  Help us wish them a Happy Retirement and Thank You for so many decades of service to Cowtown Rodeo.... you will be missed!


(For those wondering, the 2 Belgian horses that make up the current Equine Zamboni Team at Cowtown are only part of all the horses the Brown's own.  With a farmers retirement often comes a farm sale.  As the Brown Family digs through old barns and sorts through years and years of collections and equipment, most everything has been, or will be, sent to equipment auction or sold in a private agreement.  Cowtown Rodeo can't comment on the sale of the horses but we are optimistic that an interested party has come forward and is currently working with the Brown Family to continue the tradition of having these beautiful Belgians drag our arena.  Stay tuned for Spring when more information will be known!)